Former US President Donald Trump told then-prime minister Scott Morrison that China ‘f**ked the world’ by unleashing Covid, a new book claims

The reported phone conversation between the two leaders happened on July 17, 2020, in a secure room in Canberra.

Covid was starting to run rampant around the globe and Mr Trump apparently had no qualms about expressing his feelings about who was to blame.

‘It was a disgrace,’ Mr Trump said, according to the book Plagued, by journalists Simon Benson and Geoff Chalmers that details Australia’s political history during the pandemic.

‘Look what they (China) have done to the world. They have f**ked the world.’


Covid is without doubt a bioweapon. Its timely release against USA/world as China lost the trade war with Trump leads strongly to the conclusion China released covid on purpose. The US/Western response to covid has been so bad it leads strongly to the conclusion that Western actors, most likely our usurpers, many of whom are in the open, released covid to enable stealing the election in 2020. Did Trump in July of 2020 when he made that comment know who did it? It is possible he was led to believe China did it when those in DC who were back-stabbing him in every way they could had actually done it. Another possibility is some rogue group somewhere did it and the other actors seized the opportunity to pursue their selfish ends. ABN

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