Poll: 53% of Americans say there is an ‘invasion’ at the southern border while more than one-third claim they are being ‘systematically replaced by immigrants’

  • A new poll shows 53% of Americans think there is an ‘invasion’ at the border and another one-third expressed worry over being ‘replaced’ by illegal immigrants 
  • Meanwhile, new images emerged Thursday of a group of about 150 migrants after illegally crossing the into Eagle Pass, Texas from Mexico 
  • Footage from Wednesday shows armed agents unbuckling barb-wire fence before streams of asylum seekers walk past into the country

There is an invasion at the southern border only because there has been an infiltration of a different group of invaders at the top of US and Western civilization. All Western cultural high-ground has been infiltrated and taken over. The infiltration has been a gradual, multigenerational process that has taken seven decades to get where we are now. ABN

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