Why the GOP would rather LOSE to Democrats than lose control of their base

~If we accept or acknowledge the RNC and DNC are private corporations, existing like all other corporations to the fulfilment of their for-profit charter, to make money; and

~If we accept or acknowledge their business model is structured around people and businesses giving them money; and

~If we accept or acknowledge that in the process of raising money their interests may or may not align with the goal of those contributing to the business; and

~If we accept the history that Mitch McConnell and the RNC worked purposefully to remove the influence of the Tea Party; then:

[…] “the GOP (club) would rather lose to Democrats than lose control of the [club] to it’s base.”  Electability boils down to the right kind of approved candidate.

That is an accurate context for this midterm election cycle. Factually, the income stream for the RNC improves if they have the ability to campaign against the opposition club.  The larger the outrage, the more substantial the fundraising.  The corporation makes more money in defeat, or in the minority, than it does when it wins or holds majorities.

As a result, there is a disconnect between the financial incentive of the corporation and the expressed intent of the corporation. When the RNC club wins, they have a more difficult time raising money, because people who previously contributed are now looking for results.


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