War Against Children – documentary with Stew Peters

direct link

Having been a child and young adult casualty of this war myself, I know it happens. Many do not survive, many are maimed, many are repeatedly poisoned, many are driven insane. This war has many reasons for being. One of them is power—getting more power. A major reason for the precipitous decline and rapid takeover of USA and the West is this war on children. And adults, who are similarly killed, maimed, poisoned, and driven insane. These crimes are perpetrated throughout life to: 1) discredit the victims completely and render them helpless; and 2) because wounded victims are worse for their communities than dead ones. Notice what is happening to America—everything is designed to harm and weaken our society. That is one proof everyone can see. I have no connection with anyone in this video, which is highly dramatized. Make of it what you will but be assured this kind of thing happens a lot, enough to destroy our whole society. ABN

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