Recently a person claiming to represent ‘Covid Science’ did a sleight-of-hand hack job on my Cancer tracking chart that I derive from CDC data

Recently a person claiming to represent 'Covid Science' did a sleight-of-hand hack job on my Cancer tracking chart that I derive from CDC data.

We take you through that parade of deception & incompetence in 5 panels, after exemplifying how this work is professionally done below.

The 1st sleight-of-hand he used involves decrementing UCoD depressed cancer deaths from the totals.

He failed to us the Wonder Database to double-check and see if the lowered Cancer death rates were real, or merely an Underlying Cause of Death effect (i.e. Died 'with' Covid).

His 2nd sleight-of-hand involved obscuring the clear MMWR Week 14 inflection, the stark increase in cancer deaths thereafter, & then denying that it has occurred at all.

Yet there it is on his chart – my very point.

Obtuse? Malicious? Both when you claim to be 'Covid Science'.

The 3rd sleight-of-hand used is to appeal to provision. Here he cherry picks a relevant date range which best frames the picture he wants to paint, rather than 'to date'. He is 'debunking'.

One can read how debunking (fake science) works in this article:

The 4th sleight-of-hand used – he pretended that 1 million early-death older citizens, would in no way lower the cancer death base rate in 2022 (not that one needs that count to make the argument).

Despite my explaining this (& all these 5 points) to him several times via email.

And finally the pièce de résistance – he truncates the 32 recent weeks of cancer rise & pretends they don't exist (because they abjectly falsify his narrative).

Then he employs the CDC 23 K record redaction to create a false ¡downturn! in cancer death rate at the 'end' (week 6)

Folks, that is a five step journey into how an academic, who just recently set out on a club-incentivized debunking foray – reveals both a lack of comprehension and background in the data, along with the desire for a quick victory, and magician's rush of crowd deception/approval.

Below, I leave you with the Cancer entropy chart, and several other charts this gentleman does not know how to do – that also dramatically back up my inference to date (I have not made a final conclusion just yet)….

Thank you,

If you would like to read my article, where I outlay every data source, every step, and every, calculation – that can be found below.

Thanks again,

Originally tweeted by Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) on August 26, 2022.

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