“When the people in charge are so completely disconnected from the concerns of actual people, society can become very volatile and we are fast reaching that point” ~ Tucker Carlson

Also Carlson: “These policies only makes sense if the goal is to destroy the West in order to make way for total Chinese dominance.” I expected Carlson to leave that part out and was prepared to comment myself that “they are destroying the West on purpose.” The Chinese dominance thing sounds rhetorical to me, maybe because Carlson doesn’t want to say out loud what is by now crystal clear to many of us—that the entire West is controlled by invisible overlords. And that visible Western “leaders” are but puppets dancing to the overlords’ tune. What we need to do now is figure out who the overlords are. For starters, who is controlling Biden? Who is setting US policy behind the scenes? The most powerful man in the world, Joe Biden, is actually a senile nobody 1000% controlled by others (and it’s not Dr Jill). Whoever is controlling Biden appears to be the same as whoever is controlling Europe. I think WEF only indicates the direction we want to look in. Klaus is not in control. He too is a nobody, a puppet. I don’t think it’s Obama either. ABN

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