Goaded by loss of media control, the WEF and fellow travelers panicked and have rushed things. By John Carter

In the future, we will live in a high-tech surveillance state, our every movement, word, and even thought tracked by implanted chips feeding our data into a planetary grid encompassed by swarming multitudes of networked drones, sensors, and satellites from which nothing is invisible. Our cities will be antiseptic multi-ethnic utopias  … The inhabitants will be androgynous vegans and insectivores, their psychologies carefully curated by scientifically designed curricula, social credit and cognitive nudge systems, and psychopharmacogenetic therapies all aligning to remove every trace of such antisocial traits as nativism, masculinity, sexual jealousy, or the selfish desire to own things. Agriculture will be a thing of the past, for the soylent, vegetation, and insect protein that sustains the posthumans will be manufactured in agricultural towers that require no soil or rainwater to work. …

This is essentially the vision being promoted by the World Economic Forum and its fellow travellers.

It won’t happen.

The parasite class has been herding us towards this future for our entire lives …  always presenting it as inevitable. The core message is that of the Borg: resistance is futile. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like this future: the matter has been decided by the wealthy, powerful lords of the Earth; it will happen in any case; your opinion on the matter is of no consequence.

The last few years they kicked their efforts into overdrive. In the short term that resulted in an explosive growth in their power, but by abandoning their gradualist approach a very large fraction of the human species were shocked into their first awareness of this global project.

“You will own nothing and you will be happy” was baby’s first redpill for a lot of people, and they didn’t like the taste one bit. The WEFites are exposed now, and there’s no going back for them. …


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