Trends in COVID Anxiety

Is the fever in the hypnotized “very liberal” beginning to break?

Today the New York Times published the results (and interpretation) of its latest COVID poll. While the interpretation is full of the typical unsubstantiated false claims supporting the approved narrative, which we have come to expect from corporate media, the poll itself is well worth examining.

Examples illustrating my point regarding the approved narrative include the following gems, beginning with the now obligatory blaming of President Trump and unnamed “Republicans” for the mass formation hypnosis which a large fraction of the country has been suffering. In short, this argument seems to be “the other side made us go crazy”. Trump Derangement Syndrome is to blame for the Mass Formation that has occurred, particularly among what the NYT characterizes as “very liberal adults” (hypnosis, psychosis, or choose your favorite term)

Forty-seven percent of very liberal adults said that they believed Covid presented a “great risk” to their own personal health and well-being. That was a significantly larger share than among conservatives, moderates or even liberals who stopped short of calling themselves very liberal. Particularly striking was the level of concern among liberals under age 45, even though the virus’s worst effects have been concentrated among older people.


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