California Has Made Honest Medical Speech Illegal: AB 2098 Promises to Suspend the Licenses of Physicians Who “Spread Misinformation”

Two days ago, the California state legislature voted to approve Assembly Bill 2098, which grants the state government the power to suspend a physician’s medical license for disseminating “misinformation” about the Chinese Wuhan virus. Specifically, it would punish any doctor for speaking honestly about the so-called “vaccines,” PCR testing, forced masking, or the nature of the virus itself. This would destroy the doctor-patient relationship and criminalize public speech by all California physicians. It will also lead to the loss of every decent medical doctor and redefine a physician’s allegiance toward his patient, replacing it with allegiance with the state.


This is asymmetric war. They are mocking us, grinding their sandals in our faces. This law is designed to humiliate not only doctors but all Californians, designed to make people feel and act stupid while also killing them. ABN

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