Covid has proved conclusively that uncontrolled information triumphs over controlled information

Controlled covid information is and was information promoted by the US government, US mainstream media, mainstream science, mainstream academia, Big Pharma, most state governments, school systems, etc.

Uncontrolled covid information is and was all the information that disagreed with the above and sometimes agreed with the above.

Everyone—all of us—had skin in the game. The debate between controlled and uncontrolled information has been waging since early 2020 and continues today.

It is very important and significant that today we can say that uncontrolled information won the debate conclusively. We beat the crap out of controlled information. The nudgers lost very badly.

I bring this up and emphasize it because it is important that we all reflect on this and seal it in our minds. Uncontrolled—anarchic—information is the path to truth, justice, and the American way. We winnowed out the bullshit, considered many ideas that did not pan out, were afraid of no thoughts whatever, yet rarely if ever supported or promoted anything that was not sound information.

Covid is the single best example in our lifetimes of the power and brilliance of the free exchange of uncensored information. Compared to the controlled and restricted information demanded by the parties described in paragraph one above, uncensored information has won the debate decisively and been on the winning side for the duration of the argument.

I believe this very large example involving the entire world can serve as an example for all kinds of information and all kinds of debates.

Clearly, we must work very hard to ensure free speech, free information, no censorship, no governmental control of information. There is no single issue that is more important and covid has proved it. ABN

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