The Laptop w/John Paul Mac Isaac and Larry Johnson (Live)

This is an excellent discussion of the origin and handling of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” At one point Alexander Mercouris comments that the FBI is not acting like the Stassi or KGB as both of those organizations were controlled by political powers above them while the FBI appears to be “acting on its own.” Can I just add here that the FBI very likely is controlled by a powerful entity—a secret cabal—which functions above our government and which is in control of some or most of our government. We can understand this same cabal as also being the entity that controls Joe Biden and the office of the presidency and which succeeded in getting him elected. Many readers of ABN can surely think of other corroborating evidence for the existence of a cabal which is not just in control of USA but is also transnational, spanning the entire West and more. ABN

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