CHINA: Guiyang City, population six million, locked down

Another Chinese megacity is put into lockdown now.
Guiyang City. Population 6 millions.

[These CCP lockdowns are an extreme anomaly in our world today. They are very weird. The CCP ostensible explanation is zero-covid, which is well-known to be an impossible goal and thus cannot be true. So we have to speculate. These measures could be due to fear of rebellion, disciplining the population, preparation for war either aggressive or defensive, preparation for another global bioweapon plandemic, preparation for total economic collapse. No one can say they know for sure, except maybe Xi Jinping. ABN]

Drone patrolling in the sky , reminding you stay at home.

Originally tweeted by Songpinganq (@songpinganq) on September 6, 2022.

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