WHEN GREEN TURNS TO BROWN: German economic crash looms as energy prices soar

German Minister of Economics Robert Habeck is under fire after his comments during an interview with an ARD broadcaster on Tuesday evening.

The conversation surrounded the astronomical rise in the price of energy taking all the income away from people who would purchase other goods and services. As Germans no longer can afford purchases, the stores and businesses can no longer operate.  Minister Habeck was asked if that means a wave of bankruptcies and business closures are forecast.

Mr. Habeck responded that businesses can stop operating, but that doesn’t mean they will go insolvent.  Just because the business loses most or all of their revenue, doesn’t mean they will go bankrupt.  That doesn’t make sense, Minister Habeck was pressed to apply commonsense. If businesses close to save money, workers are not employed. If workers are not employed people do not earn income.  If people do not earn income, the economy worsens.

Habeck had no response other than an economically detached “Green Party” perspective that businesses will not go bankrupt just because they are not operating. However, his facial expressions reflect that he knows what comes next, total economic collapseWATCH: 

In some ways I hope people like Habeck really do not understand because if they do they are being extremely malicious in pursuit of a nightmare. That said, how can a German minister of economics reason as badly as this, as badly as Rochelle Walensky who similarly is being extremely malicious if she is not utterly incompetent? With that, we are trapped between two equally terrifying assumptions. A third possibility is the Western cabal has infiltrated and taken over everything; and they have done it slowly over decades by promoting mediocre people while harming and sidelining talented ones. Their plan is global domination by first conquering the West. They appear to have indeed vanquished the West but that may be at the cost of filling all management jobs with incompetent mediocrities such that now, on the eve of their victory march, cabal finds itself with only incompetent, uncreative managers who know only how to obey orders. ABN

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