BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump fires back at DOJ in 21-page court filing blasting probe as a ‘misguided storage dispute that has spiraled out of control’: Ex-president says special master review is ‘sensible step to restoring order from chaos’

  • US District Judge Aileen Cannon ordered the DOJ to pause its probe until a special master could be found to review documents seized
  • FBI agents raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida early last month 
  • A Friday court filing indicated that both the DOJ and Trump have differing views on who should be a special master and how long their review would take 
  • Trump raised a firestorm of speculation on Sunday night when he arrived in the Washington, DC area with no reason given for his trip
  • The ex-president was seen exiting his private plane in golf shoes and a polo 

This may be part of the reason:

Phillips is in 2000 Mules and has researched vote fraud extensively. Hoping he is there to help President Trump release some bombshells on that topic. ABN

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