Here’s the COVID-origin debate footnote that explains everything

Here’s the COVID-origin debate footnote that explains everything:

98%-100% of research/articles defending the natural origin were paid for by taxpayers
Almost ALL lab-origin leaning research was unfunded/self-funded
Yet, we persisted

@TyCardon @chrismartenson @EthicalSkeptic

In other words, American taxpayers have paid for the experiments that may have caused this pandemic, & every penny to cover up all of that research, & well as the trillions in response.
Yet Fauci releases blank pieces of paper FOR FOIA’s
@quay_dr @R_H_Ebright @BretWeinstein

The scientists who’ve gaslighted all of us have sacrificed nothing – in fact, they’ve been rewarded with MORE taxpayer $
Any member of Congress who won’t stand for an origin inv. [with 1M 🇺🇸dead] has no place representing the living
@alykhansatchu @thackerpd

However, I have no reservations about standing up for the dead who deserve justice.
And doing so hasn’t come without a cost⬇️
So be it.
I gave DC plenty of warning that I was coming, and I’m going to stay here until justice is obtained

Originally tweeted by Charles Rixey, MA MBA (c) 🐭 (@CharlesRixey) on September 10, 2022.

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