A Modest Nuclear Proposal: Operation Warp Speed II

The correct policy option can only be a uniform, full stop, 100% nuclear energy coverage of the whole continent of Europe. And then the world.

Understand that today’s nuclear reactors are little like reactors of the past that produced tons of green goo that environmental regulators still haven’t figured out how to dispose of or hide. Chernobyl will never be repeated, unless the reactor is very old, or some region descends into violent warfare.

Today’s small nuclear power reactors achieve truly excellent risk-reward ratios that compete even with those technologies that were already categorized by European officials as green tech prior to the recent redefinition. There is hardly a drawback unless you consider the prospect of making Bill Gates even richer a drawback. And as luck would have it, the nuclear industry is already testing new products on animals (often referred to colloquially as “Asians“). Are we not now ready to leap to providing everyone with nuclear power?

…And the best part is that Operation Warp Speed II is legally a Green Energy Policy. This opens it up to direct funding by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for whom the economics of Green policy spending actually and necessarily works out via supranatural phenomena. The whole plan is so simple that mentally challenged European leaders like Macron and Merkel can have militarized police ensure success anywhere people aren’t cooperating. Heck, even Biden could probably pull it off.


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