DOJ requests classified documents found in the Mar-A-Lago raid be WITHELD from special master’s review – as he calls hearing for September 20

  • The Department of Justice (DOJ) has requested the classified documents found in the Mar-A-Lago raid be withheld from the special master’s review
  • The DOJ sought the intervention after Judge Aileen Cannon declined the request to lift the temporary prohibition of the usage of the 100 classified documents 
  • Cannon also cast doubt on the top secret documents, questioning whether or not items were actually classified 
  • Special Master Judge Raymond Dearie has also requested the DOJ and Trump’s lawyers meet in NYC for a preliminary conference on September 20 
  • Both parties have until September 19 to submit ‘proposed agenda items’ for discussion at the meeting
  • Dearie has until November 30 to complete his review of the 11,000 documents 

The only thing US govt is actually good at anymore is hiding information from the public and fooling the public. Been at it so long though they are starting to slightly lose control of what’s secret or why or where it is. Will this be the time we get to see real documents proving Russiagate and who did it? Or who was really behind impeachment #1 or #2? There are scores of other possibilities. I am not holding my breath but am hopeful. The pressure on Cannon and Dearie, assuming they are honest, must be enormous. What are the odds though that two people in the judicial system are both going to be honest at the same time? I take it as a good sign that the DOJ does not trust Dearie and that Cannon is “casting doubt” on the top secret docs. ABN

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