The ‘cut to the chase‘ aspect of whether Ron DeSantis is planning to run for the GOP nomination in 2024 is made clear when you realize just how much money the Florida governor has amassed.  A standing total exceeding $200 million

For those who are unfamiliar with the strategies of political funding, there is a timing that also highlights the intent.  A conspicuously aligned timing that coincides with the Trump raid on Mar-a-Lago.  Campaign finance reports are required and filled out quarterly.  DeSantis had a massive war chest assembled through August 5th.

That finance revelation was immediately before the August 8th raid, before the week in the bunker, and before DeSantis reemerged August 14th with a new national branding team and communication change.

DeSantis took in even more billionaire donor checks with the national kick-off.

Everybody familiar with politics knows what that level of preparation and strategy means.  DeSantis wasn’t amassing money of that scale, and simultaneously launching a new national branding campaign, for a state reelection bid.  He was/is preparing for a 2024 presidential run.  The only question was whether DeSantis had direct knowledge of the August 8th raid on Trump in advance, or whether he was just told not to ask questions and follow the advice of his new GOPe team.  The latter is more likely.


Bottom-bottom-line, DeSantis has signed on as puppet or front man for the global cabal that controls the West and seeks to control the world. Cabal can poison the world, rig events, start wars and steal elections but still needs at least ignorant acceptance of their rule. This is why they despise free speech and censor whatever they can. This is why they want digital currency. DeSantis was probably offered a deal he did not refuse. It was probably stated outright: “Join us and be part of the most powerful human group in the history of the world or be destroyed and become a nobody. Join us and your children’s futures will be assured.” That’s hard to refuse and why almost none of our representatives actually represent us or the best interest of our nation. ABN

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