COVID complications push Australian deaths to highest numbers in 40 years

The alarm has been sounded about COVID-19’s hidden impact as new data shows that the highest number of people have died in the March quarter of 2022 than in any of the past 41 years.

Australian Bureau of Statistics population data published on Wednesday shows an 18 per cent increase in deaths in the quarter compared with the same period a year earlier, rising from 36,100 to 46,200 deaths.

It is the first time that more than 40,000 deaths were recorded over four consecutive quarters.


What is most alarming about these numbers and this article is there is not a word about covid vaccines contributing to the higher death counts. No more pretending please. This omission is both glaring and a major moral defilement. No reasonable journalist, medical professional, or government official can possibly claim they “had no idea” vaccines are deeply implicated in these alarming statistics. ABN

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