Jeff Nyquist on Russia, China, Ukraine, nuclear war, and geopolitics

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Nyquist believes today’s Russia is “the Soviet Union (SU) rebranded” and that the SU formed a pact with China’s CCP before its dissolution in 1991; their aim was to obtain wealth and technology from the West before attacking it with nuclear weapons, which they are preparing to do soon (probably). I believe this is an unlikely analysis but interesting nonetheless. It is good to listen to Nyquist because he understands that nuclear war is more probable than most Westerners think. I myself believe the greatest foreign policy mistake in the world is the West’s failure to form an alliance with Russia or at least very good relations. A deep underlying cause of this failure may be what Nyquist says. Or it may be our own Western cabal itself is hellbent on destroying Russia and China. Lots of KOBK thinking required at these levels of analysis. ABN

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