Carlsen led 2.5-0.5 from day one of the final and needed two points ahead of the four-game digital rapid chess final on Sunday. He won the first two games and secured his fourth triumph on the tour so far this year.

After the victory was a fact, the Norwegian was asked about what has sent shock waves through the chess world recently. When asked in TV 2’s chess broadcast whether he thinks it is right that Niemann is allowed to participate in the next tournament on the “tour”, he replied:

– I am not going to change my point of view on whether I want to play against him or not, but I am not the one who invites players to tournaments. Those decisions are made by others.

In the group stage earlier in the week, Carlsen met the American Hans Niemann. There, the Norwegian lost on purpose after two moves.

TV 2’s chess expert Jon Ludvig Hammer expects that Niemann will compete in the next tournament as well, and that Carlsen will withdraw from the meeting with the American again.

Two and a half weeks ago, Carlsen withdrew from the Sinquefield Cup after losing to Niemann. At the back of that tournament, it has been speculated that Carlsen believes that the American cheated in his victory over him.

Earlier in the week, the Norwegian confirmed that he will make a statement early next week, and he repeated the same on Sunday.


It’s not that hard to cheat at chess, even at grandmaster levels. Top players have an honor system to never cheat and it seems to work. It is very difficult to catch a player in the act of cheating but easier to tell if they cheat over time because chess algorithms can distinguish “chess engine” moves from human moves. A chess engine (computer) move can be impossible for humans to see or explain until several moves later when a deep structure or advantage comes into focus. I have read that Niemann has a history of online cheating and Carlsen has seen the evidence of this but cannot reveal it due to an NDA he signed. ABN

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