CEO “…this wild ride is not even close to over”

This is all about cheating in chess tournaments, especially top tournaments. I have read that a good magician or someone with those skills would be able to smuggle a “chess engine” into a tournament in their shoe sole and activate it with foot movements. Another possibility is someone in the room could signal a player or someone outside could aim a tiny laser at a window, etc. At present, most agree protections against cheating are inadequate. We can be pretty sure lag time between board moves and broadcasts will be increased from 15 min to 30 min. is central to this issue because Niemann, who is suspected of cheating, has a record of online play at where algorithms are able to distinguish computer moves from human ones. If there are enough computer moves in a player’s history, the charge of cheating is all but established. There is a moral issue in this and how severely to punish cheaters. Right now top players rely on mutual trust more than other protections against cheating. This is the basics of why there is so much to-do about this. ABN

The most incriminating evidence against Hans Niemann

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