Shenzhen, China has erupted in serious protests against zero-covid lockdown policies. Protests do not appear coordinated and occurred after 14 neighborhoods were locked down

#Shenzhen, #China has erupted in the first serious, fairly violent protests against #ZeroCovid #lockdown policies yet. They don’t appear coordinated and occured after 14 neighborhoods were locked down. Thread 🧵 with footage.

1. News article:

2. Footage (loud!) —

3. Footage with good panorama, but note that this is all over the city, not confined here only:

4. Refusal to comply with testing in Shenzhen, footage:

Why does this matter? Because China's lockdowns are still looked at with unfortunate admiration by some making policy still, globally, to varying degrees.

If China refuses, those voices will no longer be of any relevance.

Also, it shows the power of rebellion against CCP.

5. Footage of Futian neighborhood, Shenzhen, China as protesters clash with military police.

5. Photos with commentary.

7. (That last one was 6, typo) — news coverage

Originally tweeted by Number 99 (@MmeBlackBalloon) on September 28, 2022.

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