Mike Yeadon on covid, covid treatments, and covid vaccines

direct link

I am disturbed by this video as Mike seems overwrought. I have direct personal knowledge of an asymmetric warfare technique where people are given drugs or even maimed by psychosurgery to discredit them. Consider how often a whistleblower or someone with inside knowledge of criminal activity becomes unhinged or dies. The drugs cause the person to seem out of it and thus discredit everything they have been saying on whatever the subject is. This side of the current state of Western civilization is barely recognized, if it is recognized at all, by most of the voices who speak on this general subject. If you can see a kind of warfare is being waged against the West through covid, the economy, immigration, and foreign wars, it is but a small step to understand that disabling attacks happen frequently on individuals. If you know Mike or can contact him, please let him know. ABN

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