Jew Zuckerberg (Powerless, Victim) Blocks Kanye’s Account, Deletes Posts to Prove Jews Are Not Powerful

On Friday, Kanye West posted about powerful Jews on instagram, and now that Jew who runs instagram has silenced him in order to prove that he is wrong and Jews being powerful is an anti-Semitic hoax.

The earth-shaking post was a screenshot of a SMS exchange between West and rapper Puff Daddy. West told Puffy that he’s not going to be cowered by the Jews.

…I don’t want to sound hysterical, of course. But it’s unclear what else could happen at this point than for things to start really falling apart in earnest. The idea that this current “normal” of Brandon’s America is sustainable on really any timeframe is just simply absurd. You notice that after the Nord Stream bombing, people are no longer claiming that talking about World War III is “hysterical.” Brandon himself is out there saying we’re all going to get nuked. These people just do a terrorist attack inside of Russia.


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