An Independent Councillor from Belfast, who criticised Islam, could face up to a five-year ban from standing in future elections

She is the first councillor in the U.K. to be suspended while the outcome of an investigation is pending.

Last week Jolene received a letter from the Local Government Commissioner for Standards inviting her to a hearing review meeting later this month, the commissioner will make their decision on her case in a matter of weeks.

As she is no longer an elected councillor, they can’t suspend, this leaves them two options. Drop the case or ban her from standing in election for office, for 5 years. 

Jolene said “I don’t think there is much doubt as to what the outcome of this ‘witch-hunt’ will be… The complaints lodged with the Commissioner against me were made by a cable of Far-Left activists, Socialists and Irish-Republicans.”


If something like this ever happened to someone for criticizing Buddhism, I would be the first defend them. Why would anyone respect a religion that cannot be criticized or questioned? ABN

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