Biden insists his troubled son Hunter is now on the ‘straight and narrow’ – as the president shrugs off reports feds have enough evidence to charge him with tax and gun crimes by saying: ‘I didn’t know anything about it’

  • The president downplayed an explosive report about potential charges facing his son Hunter Biden during a wide-ranging interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper
  • He also explained his son’s controversial firearm ownership – despite previously vowing to stay out of it – and clarified he ‘didn’t know anything about it’ 
  • A years-long probe into Biden’s only surviving son is rapidly coming to a head, a report in the Washington Post indicated last week
  • It’s now up to a Trump-appointed prosecutor on whether to charge him 

This is political super-spin aided and abetted by MSM and federal prosecutors. They focus on minor misdeeds and play the sympathy card in order to hide decades of Biden crime family misdeeds. ABN

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