During Trial Senior FBI Analyst Admits Agency Offered Dossier Author Chris Steele Up to One Million Dollars to Prove Authenticity of Claims

…Transparently everyone knows the FBI were not duped by Danchenko and records indicate Danchenko told them the Steele dossier was full of fabricated nonsense. Additionally, to keep the revelation of the dossier as nonsense hidden, the FBI hired Danchenko as a confidential human source, technically shielding him from being questioned or exposed.  The FBI decision to hire Danchenko was to keep the fraudulent dossier useful for their Trump targeting operation.

So, what’s going on?

This is where John Durham is doing two things: (1) He is protecting the corrupt DOJ and FBI institutions by not investigating any government action; and yet, (2) Durham is exposing corrupt FBI and DOJ action through his court filings and cases.  Yesterday Durham provided more evidence of just how corrupt the FBI was in the lead-in to the 2016 election.

FBI supervisory analyst Brian Auten testified Tuesday that Hillary Clinton’s contracted opposition researcher, Christopher Steele, hired by Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, was offered up to $1 million by the FBI in early October 2016 if Chris Steele could prove the claims within the Trump dirt dossier he authored.


“Put it all together and you see the continuum.

(1) Donald Trump was being targeted by a corrupt DOJ and FBI.  (2) Robert Mueller was installed in May 2017 to cover up the targeting.  (3) When Mueller is nearing his completion, Bill Barr steps in to mitigate institutional damage from 1 and 2. (4) Barr maintains damage control and installs Durham. (5) Durham takes over the coverup operation from October 2020 (Danchenko safe to exit) through today.”

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