Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Wins Coveted Paul Ryan Endorsement for 2024

…Ron DeSantis is backed by the same assembly of political insiders, donors, corporations and financial backers that supported Jeb Bush.  The professionally republican class know what they have in DeSantis, and he is brand organized, packaged & managed to deliver on their intents.

DeSantis didn’t raise $200+ million, with 94% coming from billionaires and multinational corporations, for a gubernatorial reelection race in Florida.  Keep in mind all of the major expenses (television ads, mailers, etc.) are coming from outside PACs and affiliated groups.

…DeSantis has raised a massive war chest and he is not spending it.   He has willingly accepted the positioning for a 2024 nomination effort.  It is intellectually dishonest not to see what the Club is doing.

The DNC Club is doing the same thing with California Governor Gavin Newsom.

The both wings of the UniParty want a Newsom -vs- DeSantis contest.

The professional political approach is as clear now in 2022 as it was in 2014 when the clubs were organizing the Hillary -vs- Jeb contest for 2016.


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