Geert Vanden Bossche: “The speed at which the virus is now evolving is unprecedented… unprecedented. The damage that will cause to the population is going to be huge”

link to video, 51 min

“The best protected people ever are the unvaccinated in highly vaccinated countries.” ~ Geert Vanden Bossche. This is because covid infection rates in highly vaccinated countries are very high and the unvaccinated are constantly exposed to new variants, to which they respond with a broad range of antibodies. The high infection rates are not generally noticed because infections are mild or asymptomatic. Rates are high because the virus has adapted to the synthetic antibodies produced by the vaccine in the bodies of the vaccinated causing them to carry very high viral loads. The great danger is the high infection rates will stay high as a more lethal version of the virus evolves and proliferates. When/if that happens, the unvaccinated will be well prepared to fight the new variant but the vaccinated will not. ABN

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