Devin Nunes accuses AG Garland of ‘blocking’ Durham from charging Russiagate officials

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes on Friday accused Attorney General Merrick Garland of ‘blocking’ Special Counsel John Durham from bringing charges against officials implicated in the Russiagate scandal.

“Something else going on with Durham,” Nunes said. “He has put systematically the FBI on trial here. He has showed us that there were so many people that were not just working for the Clinton campaign and the DNC. They also happen to be working for the FBI or later after the fact. They start to work for the FBI when they know that they’re actually liars… and they’re not credible.”

“So, I think what’s happening here, that Durham is being blocked, and I don’t say this lightly,” he added. “He is being blocked by somebody within the Department of Justice, or he cannot bring the charges that should be brought right now. And those are charges of conspiracy, of lying to Congress, misleading Congress, defrauding the government…”


Nunes is playing dumb. He knew all along Durham is coverup, not justice. The corruption and lawlessness within the federal government is so huge, no one can touch it and expect to survive. Nunes is a good guy but can only do so much, so he points a vague finger at a cloud of filth, indicating the issue is political at best. You don’t have to be black-pilled by this but it is a very dark red. Ultimately, the rule of law in America is upheld at the voting booth, which is not secure either but still possible, maybe. ABN

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