Twitter is a Weapon, not a Business: In the information war, nothing is what it seems, and your mind is the battleground ~ Robert Malone

There are some key things that people need to understand about social media in general, and Twitter in particular. Most know that essentially all of these platforms are basically deployed as intelligence gathering tools. That is one of their primary functions. What they do not know is that Twitter and some of the others have capabilities which make them more appropriately categorized as Cyber Weapons. These Cyber Weapons target human and group behavior and thought. They are deployed by industry, governments, non-governmental organizations, intelligence agencies, anyone who can afford to pay.

First off, please recognize that if you are using a cell phone to communicate in any region with multiple cell phone towers, your precise location can be readily identified by signal triangulation. And of course that can then be coupled with high resolution satellite imaging. If you are using a social media tool in that environment, then who you are, what you are concerned about, and where you are in space is all public information and can be readily determined. And here is where things get even more interesting. The Arab Spring protests were most definitely used as a test bed for these capabilities.

The emotional content of your social media communications can be abstracted. Not just what you are “tweeting”, but your underlying feelings, and the strength of those feelings. And, through your connections, you can be positioned in a cloud map as an influencer, outlier, follower etc. within your group of connections. These maps have proven useful to identify those who are shaping the behavior of factions or crowds (including flashmobs). Those individuals who are shaping crowd behavior in ways which the manipulating organization wishes to increase can be amplified using social media algorithms to further drive the crowd behavior in the desired direction, and those shaping behavior in undesirable directions can be suppressed. Because of the geospatial location capabilities, individuals can also be physically targeted using kinetic weapons or other assets if so desired. Think drone missile strikes, and decentralized drone clouds.

The algorithmic manipulations of communication which so many of us have observed during the COVIDcrisis are merely a small component of the overall cyber weapon capabilities of Twitter and other “social media” communication platforms (Tic Tock, Telegram, Facebook, etc.). Multilingual analytical capabilities are now routinely deployed in “elections” all over the world, in protests and “color revolution”-type movements (I suspect including in some of the protest movements over the last few years in the USA), and for mundane commercial activities like selling drugs and (of course) vaccines. This Cyber Warfare technology is values and ethics neutral. It can be used to advance agendas which may seem good or evil. In my opinion, any and all of this intentional manipulation of human thought and emotions is evil, just to be clear. The power of this technology, when deployed, appears to make abstract human concepts such as freedom, sovereignty, ethics and individual autonomy obsolete.

I leave you with selected slides (many years old now) from my old client Behavior Matrix. These are “public”, as opposed to the confidential and/or classified summaries that I have seen which go much deeper into the technology. And Behavior Matrix was just one of many examples of firms that have developed similar capabilities. I offer these so that you can get some sense of the power of the technology which has been developed and is being further enhanced in the present.

In conclusion, please do not be naïve. None of this is “fair”. None of it is “right”. None of it is “Proper”. It is way, way off base from what we thought were the accepted rules for engagement in a representative republic such as ours. Rules and social contract relationships between the government and the governed, the Administrative state and the free citizens which it was intended to serve, which are centuries old. And in the case of the alliance between the US Government and Big Tech, it is clearly a violation of the first amendment of the US Constitution as well as a vehicle for furthering totalitarian control of one political group over their political opponents.

Mattias Desmet is correct, third party actors allied with big tech are very actively manipulating information and seeking to shape your thought and behavior, and put you under a form of mass hypnosis which they control. And these third party actors include the Democratic party of the United States, the Obama and most specifically the Biden administrations.


I have taken a long quote from a longer article. The quote is sort of the bottom line but the whole article is extremely valuable and something we all have to understand. All emphases are Malone’s except a short one in red which is mine: “individuals can also be physically targeted.” This is something I know to be a fact, no question about it. This kind of violence can come from “friends” or associates who are agents of some nefarious group that does not like what you represent. Their weapons include anything you can think of, including poison, psychosurgery, targeted energy weapons, reputation destruction, jail-bait schemes, etc. I am glad to see Malone knows this and writes about it. There are few of us who openly speak of this very dark and dangerous side of Western society. One gruesome aspect of targeted harming at the individual level is it generally works better if the individual is left alive, not killed. This is because living casualties are a depressing burden on their communities and a powerful tool in mass mind-control since their debilities will be viewed as existential warnings that whatever they were doing leads to a bad outcome. ABN

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