ABC national security producer hasn’t been seen since APRIL when FBI mysteriously raided his house: Journalist was writing a book about Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan

An ABC News investigative producer has not been seen by colleagues since April, when the FBI mysteriously raided his apartment in Virginia

James Gordon Meek, 52, moved out of his home in Arlington, Virginia, after the raid and hasn’t been seen by neighbors since. 

He ‘abruptly’ left his job at the news network, withdrew from the book he was co-authoring about Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, and has kept a low profile ever since. 

The Rolling Stone first reported the raid on Wednesday morning, along with sources close to the investigation who say Meek was suspected of possessing classified documents. 

The source said agents found classified information on his laptop.  

If that is the reason for the raid, it raises serious questions about the government’s approach towards journalists seeking to expose corruption or wrongdoing. 

It also raises questions of how they knew about it.  

The FBI – which routinely refuses to comment on ongoing investigations as a matter of policy – has not commented on its reason for the raid. 

All the bureau will say is that a raid was carried out at his address on the day in question.  

The warrant that enabled the raid has not been made public, and Meek’s attorneys are being tight-lipped about what they have been told. 

‘Mr. Meek is unaware of what allegations anonymous sources are making about his possession of classified documents. 


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