Texas mother-of-two is infected with incurable STD after janitor at doctor’s office where she works ‘stuck his penis in her water bottle and peed in it’: 11 others have come forward and are being tested

  • A Texas mom was diagnosed with an incurable STD after her workplace janitor washed his penis and peed in her water bottle on separate occasions 
  • The employee, who was not identified, said he also tainted the office water dispenser and another employee confessed something similar happened 
  • Lucio Diaz, 50, has been taken into immigration custody and charged with indecent assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
  • He confessed it to police and said it was a ‘sickness’ and he had done something similar at his old job. He also claimed he was unaware he had an STD 
  • Eleven others have come forward and are now being tested for STDs 


I am putting this story up because it illustrates how easy it is to poison someone and how commonplace it can be. Diaz, the poisoner, was caught and confessed. Obviously, he is not a sophisticated poisoner but he got away with it for a long time and even did it at other jobsites. A sophisticated poisoner, especially one with intelligence training, will be able to accomplish much more without anyone ever suspecting anything. The dumbing down of America and the West is partly due to this kind of activity, which when done on a societal scale is an act of war. And poison is but one weapon used in this kind of warfare. Targeted energy weapons, weapons that damage hearing, sight, balance, or that maim the brain are also used. A lobotomy done with a hypodermic needle filled with ethanol can be done in a matter of minutes by a mildly well-trained goon. A roofie in your drink, pass out in the car or on the couch, adios your beautiful brain. I hate bringing this news but it is real. This kind of thing happens. Next time you contemplate a relative, friend or neighbor who went off the deep end, consider that their demise may have been due to something like this. Repeated assaults with BZ, which can be administered as an aerosol, will turn an otherwise very stable individual into a homeless nutcase. The decline and fall of the West is not just us being stupid, getting locked into corrupt sociological traps, letting go of morals, or losing our religious faith. There is also what I just described. See this for more: Military thought experiment Part 1. ABN

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