Is It Possible The Chinese Really Did Hack Our Elections?

A number of weeks ago True the Vote broke the story that a company called Konnech in Michigan was storing data on American election workers on servers in China. True the Vote leaders Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips were, of course, ridiculed by the so-called mainstream press. Then, Los Angeles arrested the head of Konnech and charged him with violations of U.S. laws on the handling of personally identifiable information – by storing it on servers in China.

It has gotten much worse since then.

Konnech wasn’t just storing data in China. Konnech was using contractors inside China to do work in the United States on American election systems.  This is the exact language in the criminal complaint filed by Los Angeles.

Konnech gave Chinese contractors in mainland China “super-administration access” to the electoral systems on which Konnech worked. It is incredible enough that Konnech itself ever had such access. It is literally almost beyond belief that Konnech would have been in a position to grant such access to other entities. Yet, again, it is confirmed by the criminal complaint filed against the company.


Is it possible? Absolutely! Is it probable? Very. Did they do it? I would say almost definitely. This caper fits with a widespread CCP MO of infiltrating, bribing, spying, and working the US system against itself to their advantage. Innocent until proven guilty but when it comes to elections or vaccines, guilty until proven 99.99% safe. ABN

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