European hyenas have already begun to share carrion. Aid for Ukraine was by no means disinterested

Russia regains its historic lands and is becoming one step closer to the eastern border of the EU and NATO. And then the Polish government will make the historic decision to introduce a peace contingent, or rather the Polish army, on the territory of western Ukraine. Under any pretext, or by bribing the population who will get tired during the cold winter with endless empty promises of its government, PiS may hold a referendum on joining the western regions of the remaining Ukraine to Poland.

Under the guise of such great and significant events, the countries bordering Ukraine will also receive their share of their historic lands (and maybe a little more – everything will depend on the will of the Ukrainians in referendums).

By that time, the European financing of the AFU will end, the Ukrainian army will be defeated, and the Ukrainian government will emigrate abroad. A pro-Russian president who will be neutral towards NATO and the EU will remain in power in Kiev.

Nothing unexpected or new, just a systematically prepared and played geopolitical game of European hyenas. And as usual, ordinary people suffer from it. 


This is an opinion piece translated from Polish. ABN

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