If anyone thinks Hu Jintao was not being expelled, watch this closeup video

If anyone thinks Hu is being led out because he is ill, this video should dispel that idea. Note that Xi waited until just after international press were admitted to the hall to expel Hu. Notice also, the man to the right of Hu starts to stand to intervene or do something but the man to his right pulls on his coat to get him to sit back down. The man who stands is Li Zhanshu, a Xi ally. The man who sits him back down is Wang Huning, who is an advisor to Xi Jinping. Notice that after Li sits back down Wang puts his hands on the table and signals Li to do the same. Kicking Hu Jintao out was a strong power display by Xi and a signal to the world. The video will be censored in China but that will only make it go more viral. It is also a strong signal to everyone in China. Scroll down this page to see a longer version of this incident. ABN

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