In this video Andrei Martyanov goes into the possibility of “British nuclear provocation” in Ukraine; he also discusses a Chinese takeover of Taiwan

Martyanov is definitely worth listening to. The gist is “Western countries are planning a nuclear provocation in Ukraine” led by British globalists. The provocation will be a low-grade nuclear bomb or a dirty nuclear bomb that may render a large area uninhabitable for centuries. Taken in context with the initial Western/NATO provocation of the war itself plus Western powers destroying Nord Stream, it would not be wise to dismiss this speculation. The conflict in Ukraine reminds me of what Sun Yat-sen said over 100 years ago. In the manner of a normal person on earth then as today and certainly in China, Sun was a racialist; a pro-Chinese, China First absolutist. At the same time, he respected the white race, whose main flaw in his analysis is their inability to cooperate with one another, just as we are seeing in Ukraine, Europe, and Russia toady. Everyone fighting everyone else. In Sun’s view, the only hope for China–the only way they could catch up to the West and eventually dominate–was to be racially united. Sun’s thinking is taught in all Chinese communities in the world and predominates all Chinese political thinking in the world today. In one guise, we saw it at the 20th National Congress of the CCP over the past week. Xi has gained total power over all of China because he is a ruthless fighter and also because the Chinese people have been conditioned by 100 years of Sun Yat-sen’s thoughts to go along with whatever de facto Chinese unity there is. This also largely explains deep down why Xi is keeping Ukraine at arm’s length while also supporting Russia in many ways. His thinking is surely, let the white race fight all they want. We Chinese will wait this one out. ABN

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