Russia’s Sechin says Taiwan will return to China ‘on schedule’

BAKU, Oct 27 (Reuters) – One of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies, oil chief Igor Sechin, on Thursday heaped praise on China’s leaders, saying that Taiwan would return to its “native harbour” on time.

The deepening “no limits” partnership between the rising superpower of China and the natural resources titan of Russia is one of the most intriguing geopolitical developments of recent years – and one the West is watching with anxiety.


Inevitable result of the West failing to form a solid alliance with Russia, or even just good relations. This huge mistake dates back to the fall of the Soviet Union. Rather than help Russia, USA encouraged “Russian” oligarchs to parasitize every industry they could get their hands on. For thirty years, the West–USA in particular–has antagonized Russia and now there is no going back. Biden’s handlers are themselves parasitizing USA in direct alignment with those who enabled the parasitic “Russian” oligarchs of the 90s. ABN

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