Flow of money between Chinese oil giant and THE BIDENS

DailyMail.com’s analysis of hundreds of bank statements included in the Hunter Biden investigation details how the president’s son, his Uncle Jim Biden, and his Chinese business partners extracted cash from an $11million payout to a bank account for Hudson West III, LLC – a company jointly owned by Hunter’s firm Owasco PC and a CEFC subsidiary. Records show Hunter and Jim’s companies received a total of $4,968,220.01 from Hudson West. Hunter, Jim, and his wife Sara also got access to Bank of Omaha credit cards funded by CEFC to the tune of $101,098.61. CEFC manager Gongwen Dong was paid a total $123,319.68 over the 14-month period in the bank statements, and another CEFC executive firm (ColdHarbour Capital) got $318,286.37. There were also eight payments totaling $29,795.84 to JiaQi Bao, a glamorous young staffer for the joint venture who was close to Hunter


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