So a person who hasn’t blogged since 2007, or photographed since 2013, all of a sudden attacks Nancy Pelosi’s husband in his underwear? And is blogging about HRC dining on human flesh?

1) Pelosi Attack – 🚩🚩🚩
“The Capitol Police sent special agents to the home…”
– LA Times


This is a detailed thread taken down since being posted on Twitter but saved at the link above about the Pelosi hammer affair. Being taken down from Twitter (due to old rules still in effect) makes it more spicey, imo. It’s worth looking at especially if you live in the area or are interested in weird events happening to spouses of prominent people. The Capitol Police have a long reach under Pelosi and are probably there to cover up whatever might make Paul or Nancy look bad. Does Nancy not trust the FBI either? That’s what they usually do. ABN

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