How the US government colludes with Big Tech to control the minds of the American people; and how Big Tech benefits from this relationship

At this point in history, anyone who is claiming the U.S. Government is not directly coordinating with social media platforms to shape opinion and cull information adverse to their interests, is being intellectually dishonest.   There is simply too much evidence of the intelligence apparatus, specifically the Dept of Homeland Security, being enmeshed with the platforms of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Microsoft.

The DHS justifications for the relationship all involve claims of ‘national security’ and domestic terror threats.  However, the simple and transparent motivations of the relationship are all political.  The DHS terms of “disinformation, misinformation and malinformation” are simply excuses for the platforms to adhere to the demands of the government and censor or remove discussion that is against the interests of those in power.  The truth of this is in the sunlight now.

That said, the relationship between the intelligence community and social media is one of mutual benefit.  DHS gets to conduct surveillance and control permitted speech in the public square, and in return Big Tech gets assurances of their ability to continue monopolistic enterprise and simultaneously receive subsidies on operational costs.  The legislative branch allows this synergy without oversight because the legislative branch is in alignment with the larger ‘national security’ ruse.


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