Robert Malone on North American Union as step toward World Domination

President Obrador’s dream is to unite the whole America’s, using the EU as a model and it appears that our Secretary of State agrees with him. Wow. Exactly as proposed by the World Economic Forum (WEF). This will provide a very convenient pathway to jettison the US Constitution, which is a major obstacle to the one world order/great reset totalitarian fantasies of the WEF. This press release provides yet more confirmatory data on the alignment of the Biden administration with the WEF goals of jettisoning the autonomous US Nation-state in favor of a one world government. Suffice to say, in my opinion, Mr. Biden and his administration are not committed to their pledge to support and defend the US Constitution. And the corporate press does not care, and continues to carry water for the globalists that think that the concept of decentralized autonomous nation states is obsolete.


I hope more of us realize that almost whatever our shitty “leaders” want is bad for us. A well-functioning nation state is the only possible governing unit that can ensure and preserve human freedom and individual dignity. And even at that level it is very hard to do. ABN

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