link to video, 34 min (link fixed)

This is a very good outline but she gets one thing deeply wrong when she says: “…the things they’re doing to celebrities are slowly being done to the public as well.” They have been doing the same things to the public for many decades. Drugs, poison, psychosurgery, reputation destruction, firing, educational misdirection, and much more. Anything you can think of that will bring harm to individuals and groups has been and is being done. This is why the West (not just Ye) is all but done for. Over 70 years of vicious interpersonal violence by an amalgam of several parasitic subcultures has left the West a near dead carcass riddled with parasites. You can easily see it by looking at any of our major institutions; all of them are compromised, decapitated. A recent example of this is our health care–all doctors, all pharmacies, all hospitals lied and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and more in Europe. This is not just a Hollywood thing. We are in the last stages of a very successful asymmetric clandestine war that infiltrated the West and has all but completely destroyed it. ABN

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