Biden’s IRS ‘ENFORCEMENT’ budget explodes 919%

The Internal Revenue Service saw its take from taxpayers rise over 19% last year and its enforcement budget boosted by 919%.

Making good to fatten up the tax collection agency’s enforcement team that targets taxpayers, a new audit said that appropriations from the Democratically controlled Congress jumped from $5 billion to $51 billion. When “operations support” was added in, the total was $80 billion, said the just-released review.

The Government Accountability Office also found that the agency collected far more from taxpayers in the just-ended fiscal year than the year before. It took $4.3 trillion, up from $3.5 trillion. Individual taxpayers funded 88% of the total collected last fiscal year.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden signaled that he planned to nominate Danny Werfel, a former acting IRS commissioner who served during the Obama administration, to head the agency.


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