Response to Orange County declaration of health emergency

I am not clear on the details of this or who the speaker is or when she spoke, but this is a proper way to address the people waging hybrid warfare on us through deceptive health “emergencies”. The word ‘war’ has been demoted through frequent political usage (war on drugs, war on poverty, etc), so it now lacks the force it deserves. We are at war right now, today, with an amalgam of parasitic subcultures bent on destroying USA and looting it while doing so. Is RSV rising due to vaccines? Is RSV even rising? I don’t know. A health emergency will seem proactive or at least benign when first announced but it’s what they do with it once the public accepts it that really matters, as we have learned from the federal covid emergency which is still in effect and which has been used to do so much wrong and evil. ABN

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