The Modern Electioneering Process of “Ballot Submission Assistance” is Taking Center Stage

If CTH had a small part in helping people to reset their reference points around modern electioneering, well, that’s a good thing.

The difference between “ballots” and “votes” is previously explained {SEE HERE} and absolutely critical to understand before moving forward.

Thankfully a large percentage of conservatives, intellectually honest independents and even some establishment republican donors have read our research and are now starting to have the ‘votes‘ vs ‘ballots‘ conversation.  That understanding is critical, because any conversation that does not accurately identify and accept the problem is futile.

Having said that, please do not think we are smarter than the RNC.  We are not.  Miss this point and you miss the next ‘ah-ha‘ moment.

The RNC club knew exactly what the DNC club were doing in their 2022 midterm “ballot submission assistance” program.  Yes, that’s exactly what “ballot harvesting” is called now.  “Ballot Harvesting” is illegal in many states, “Ballot Submission Assistance” is not.

Progressive political activists in the state of Arizona are now scrubbing the footprints of their ballot submission assistance programs.  Wait, Arizona(?) you say. Yes, Arizona a state where “ballot harvesting” is illegal, but email, fax, online and in person drop-off is possible.  Ballot assistance is essentially the same harvesting process but in a smaller and more individualized scale.


If you want to understand American politics, you must read Sundance at The Last Refuge, often called CTH or the Conservative Treehouse. Even if you are a communist anti-American parasitic seditionist who hates everything about this country, you still must read CTH if you want to really understand what you are trying to destroy. I strongly encourage all Americans, Europeans, and others to read CTH often. Read the comments and follow some of the links as well. At least do that for a period of time. You will gain a deep understanding of USA politics, people, and intellectual history second to none. I know American professors and others with degrees in American history and political science who can’t hold a candle to Sundance. ABN

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