How Congress REALLY works

Corporations and special interest groups write legislation. Lobbyists sell the legislation to politicians who eventually vote on it.

At every step of the process lobbyists pay for expensive lunches, dinners, trips, event tickets and more to leverage successful outcomes. The amount of money spent is proportional to the benefit derived from the outcome.

The important part to remember is that:

Congress does not write laws or legislation; special interest groups do. Lobbyists are paid, some very well, to get politicians to do what they want them to do.

When you are voting for a Congressional Rep or a US Senator you are not voting for a person who will write laws. Your rep only votes on legislation to approve or disapprove of laws that are written by outside groups and sold to them through lobbyists who work for those outside groups.

While all of this is happening the same outside groups who write the laws are providing money for the campaigns of the politicians they need to pass them. This construct sets up the quid-pro-quo of influence, although much of it is fraught with plausible deniability.

This is the way legislation is created.


Slightly edited with permission from the author. This legislative process explains why an entity like FTX would donate $2.5 million to the Senate Leadership Fund. By doing so they are benefiting themselves and also supporting a UniParty agenda—which they are a party to—of total usurpation of all US political and military power. Their ultimate goal is world domination. This is an example of the marriage of corporations to government. We can see similar patterns in how Big Pharma and Big Government worked together to devastate Western civilization first with covid, then their response to covid; all the while purposively aggrandizing more and more power to themselves. If this process is difficult to understand, pause for a moment and consider their goal. The ultimate prize is world domination, control of all money, all power, and all people on planet earth. Consider also that this game of conquest is as old as human history. All that is new about it today are the techniques of mind-control and the technologies of both psychological and kinetic warfare. FTX and NPR are weapons as potent as HIMARS or synthetic viruses. ABN

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