This is a good example of an authoritarian abuse of speech and language. A powerful person (who spent $150 mil on PR), “reasons” falsely on national TV, thus defining the narrative that is soon to follow. A narrative like this is a story that defines how we speak and what we are allowed to say. Fauci and many others did what Gates is doing in this video. These public statements define the conversation and even many of the vocabulary words that will be used to bracket it—antivaxxer, covidiots, “The Science”, conspiracy theory, etc. Masking is an extension of language or a semiotic that signals obeisance to the narrative. For people within a culture to communicate they must have rules for speech and what words means. Properly, those rules and definitions in Western society are established through transparent, open, uncensored speech and reasoning based on evidence. During covid, it was the alternative medical and scientific views that carried on our proper tradition, while people like Gates and Fauci were hijacking it for their own perverse interests. ABN

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