Vaxxes as bioweapons and what might happen

Lots and lots of people remain ignorant that the public information campaigns and products are weapons, and continue routinely following government recommendations, seeking out and using the products, ‘boosting,’ and dying from them. Eventually, the world population declines to the level the criminals find acceptable, and the cull phase will be done.

Or, lots more people figure out that the lies are lies, and the products are weapons, refuse to listen to any government recommendations, and refuse to seek out and use the products. Eventually, the criminals stop promoting the products and try to pretend the whole war never happened.

Or, lots more people figure out that the lies are lies and the products are weapons. Shortly after that market signal, the embedded administrative-state criminals escalate the war, deploying armed personnel to apprehend, detain and force-inject. The war stops being biomedical and covert, and becomes overt and bloody.

Or, a few people in key positions — federal and state legislators and judges — figure out that the lies are lies and the products are weapons, realize that a tipping point proportion of the People also understand it and find the courage to fight.

These key legislators and judges arrange for personal security to protect themselves and their families from assassination; terminate all emergency declarations; repeal all the enabling statutes and regulations; identify, isolate and remove the embedded criminals from government offices; and bring them to trial for their crimes.

Or, a few people in key positions figure out that the lies are lies and the products are weapons, but lack sufficient courage to get in the fight, and the biowar of attrition grinds on.

Stopping conditions.

This is a sober assessment based on the premise that the vaxxes are bioweapons. Virtually all evidence points to this being the case. The least—and maybe the most—we as individuals can do is tell others about this. Just tell them what it looks like to you. ABN

UPDATE: More on this topic: The “Rule of Law” falls apart when the legal code itself has been corrupted. The core of the legal problem is Emergency Use Authorization removes the possibility of any legal oversight, thus allowing a bioweapon to be used against USA and the world with no one in a position of power to stop it. Beyond that, mind-control of the world is very strong. Most do not see anything at all. Extremely powerful networks and communities are doing this. It is much bigger than government agencies and Big Pharma. The situation is so bad we can honestly say we do not even know who is in control. I do not think China is at the bottom of this but our situation has been described by the Chinese strategist Sunzi: To paraphrase, “Defeat your enemy before they even realize they are at war.” ABN

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